Try Our Coconut Chicken Curry Wrap Recipe

Ready for a lunch or dinner recipe that the entire family will enjoy? Our coconut…

chicken  |  curry  |  granola

2017 Nuts About Granola Innovation Scholarship now open

About the Scholarship The annual Nuts About Granola┬« Innovation Scholarship will be funded by a…

Mexican Hot Chocolate Chili

Discover a totally unique and flavorful dish with our Mexican Hot Chocolate Chili! That’s right,…

cayenne  |  cinnamon  |  granola

Try Our Chocolate Lovers Gift Set This Valentine’s Day

Are you NUTS about someone? Treat your special loved one to our Chocolate Lover’s Gift…

cayenne  |  cinnamon  |  granola
Forager Granola is now available at Costco

5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Granola

For decades, granola has been the go-to crunchy snack. Today, the savory and sweet tastes…

cayenne  |  cinnamon  |  granola

Sweet & Spicy – Warm Up With Our Mexican Hot Chocolate Granola

Winter is here and so are the low temperatures that come along with the season….

cayenne  |  cinnamon  |  granola
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