Behind the Scenes: Sarah’s Snacks Re-Brand

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Have you heard the news? Nuts About Granola is now Sarah’s Sweet and Savory Snacks. You might be wondering, what’s with the name change?

Nuts About Granola started as a college project almost 12 years ago. During this time, we’ve grown, learned, and launched three distinct lines of flavorful, nutritious products. In fact, it was with your support that we were able to launch our Forager and Sarah’s Savory Snack line. These new and exciting bites allowed use to diversify our product offerings while retaining our core commitment to flavor and nutrition.

You may noticed that we ended up with three very different looking brands, each with their own unique aesthetic. In 2017 we set out to change that.We formed a team of marketing experts in the food space and put everything on the table to help us re-align our mission, name, products and brand promise to capture what we have been offering all along: flavorful snacks that allow you to feel good about what you eat.

My mom, Gayle, and I have always been a proponent of mindful eating, starting with real food to create new products and always, always, always focusing on flavor. Our new branding and positioning will allow us to carry on our mission with our current granola snacks you love, and it will give us the ability to diversify into other types of products.

We hope that you love the new branding as much as we do! Check out this video for more information:

Connect with us on our new social handle @EatSarahsSnacks! One handle, all platforms.


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