2017 Nuts About Granola Innovation Scholarship now open

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About the Scholarship

The annual Nuts About Granola® Innovation Scholarship will be funded by a portion of the proceeds from the co-branded, “E-town Carrot Cake Granola.” It will be awarded to a full-time Elizabethtown College student who demonstrates innovative thinking, creativity and a passion for healthy living.

Full Circle Approach

The Nuts About Granola® Innovation Scholarship is innovative in its own right. The scholarship is funded through a full circle approach. Nuts About Granola® produces the granola for sale to students, alumni and friends of the College. A portion of the proceeds from the sales fund the scholarship; as granola sales increase, so does the scholarship fund. So in the end, the consumer enjoys the granola, the company enjoys profits and the Elizabethtown College students benefit from the scholarship. A full circle, sustainable effort.

2017 Scholarship Theme:

Incorporating Healthy Eating into a College Lifestyle

Healthy eating can mean many things to many people. Nuts About Granola® is an advocate for a whole food diet, one rich in fresh foods free of artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives. They work to educate consumers on the benefits of real food as well as offer a selection of products to aid a healthy lifestyle. It can be a challenge to maintain good nutrition in a college environment with buffet style dining halls, crazy class schedules and the stress of a full academic load.

This year’s scholarship challenges students to take a photo of an innovative way a student can incorporate healthy eating into their college lifestyle.

Applicant Criteria

• Must be a current full-time student at Elizabethtown College.
• Open to first-year, sophomore and junior students in all majors.

Application Procedure

• Post an image to Instagram using #EtownInnovationScholarship and tag @nutsaboutgranola. Both the hashtag and tag must be used to enter.
• The image must be original and needs to represent innovative ways to incorporate healthy eating into
college life.
• Include a description of why it is a healthy eating practice in a college lifestyle.
• Multiple submissions are permissible.
• The application period is March 1 to 31, 2017.
• The award recipient will be announced at the Annual Student Awards Day on April 19, 2017.

Evaluation Criteria

• Images must be original; no photo editing allowed.
• Images and descriptions must be examples of a product, service or process that can be changed or improved for the better.
• The evaluation committee is looking for interesting, creative, unusual or innovative examples.

The Evaluation Committee will consist of Nuts About Granola® and Elizabethtown College Staff. Please note that by submitting your photos and descriptions to this contest, you grant Elizabethtown College and Nuts About Granola® permission to use all content for any purpose, royalty free.

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