The Ultimate College Care Package

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nuts about granola - backpack - college care packageIt’s that time again – back to school. For those heading off to college who may start to feel homesick, a care package of goodies from mom or dad can go a long way. Below we’ve compiled some of our very favorite care package ideas for your busy scholar.

The Scent of Home

Since most college housing does not allow candles, diffusers are a good way to send a scent. The sense of smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, so find your student something that captures the smells of home, and bring a bit of comfort to their dorm room.

Delicious Dining

Grab a gift card to a nice dining establishment in the town of your student’s college. The taste of cafeteria food day after day can quickly get old, and stepping off campus for a bit can be refreshing.

Sentimental Photos/Posters

Put together some photos of home, or grab a wall poster that highlights one of your student’s favorite home-town landmarks.

Seasonal Room Decor

A dorm room can feel extra bland during the holidays, so if Halloween or Christmas is approaching and you’re prepping another care package, tuck in some seasonal decorations to spruce things up!


Sending some healthy snacks for your learner to munch on throughout the day can help improve their overall focus and attentiveness. At Nuts About Granola, we’re big on nourishing the body with wholesome snacks. Our 4-flavor snack pack is a great way to send a variety of flavorful granola packs to loved ones far away. Fuel your student with simple and clean ingredients without preservatives. By eating healthy regularly, students can experience increased energy, endurance, focus, and drive, so that they’re ready to tackle college head-on.


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