What is Mindful Snacking?

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Eating Mindfully is about enjoying your snacks more and being balanced in your approach to snacking.  When we eat mindfully, we are making wiser choices based on an awareness of how our body and mind are interacting. Many times when we are tired, hungry, and perhaps had a stressful day, we tend to eat mindlessly. It is beneficial to practice mindful snacking when you are eating alone, so you can fully focus on your experience. Over time, you will naturally incorporate mindful snacking whenever you have an urge to eat snacks.

Here are some tips to mindful snacking we hope work for you. Try Sarah’s  Snacks to Savor the Snacking Moment!

1) Take an Awareness Moment. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Tune your awareness into what is triggering your hunger.

2) Make a Mindful Snack Choice. Consider what snack will be fulfilling and enjoyable.

3) Exercise Wisdom to Consider Serving Size. Take into account the time of day and what your overall eating plan for the day is. Then consider the snack serving size you desire to enjoy.

4) Savor the Snack. Eat the snack slowly and relax while eating, taking your time to enjoy while limiting engagement in other activities.

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