What’s Forager® Granola All About?

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Forager Granola
This one’s for you, foragers. Because of driven, wholesome snack-seekers like yourselves, Nuts About Granola’s revolutionary Forager® Granola line is now available at select Costco stores.

Forager® Granola is made with nuts and seeds instead of grains, as well as sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and organic agave. This health minded-mix combines a delicious blend of fruits and spices, that makes the Forager® Granola line ideal for active, health-focused individuals.

Forager® Granola comes in 3 varieties of simple, paleo-approved ingredients and is focused on providing back-to-basics goodness from the food of our ancestors, to fill your body with the vitamins and nutrients it deserves. This hearty mix will give you the lasting energy you need to live life to its fullest. If you thrive on activity, adrenaline, and adventure, this is the fuel you’ve been waiting for.

Find a Costco Wholesale store near you, and pick up a specialty size bag of our Forager® Granola to fuel your day and #ForageOn.


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